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I became intrigued by ceramics while watching a potter at Old Sturbridge Village, MA in 1970. I asked to become an apprentice there. But since there were no women potters in colonial America, I was turned down.

The potter there agreed to show me one evening how a pot was made, and for many years that was the only training I had .But I was hooked.

My husband built me a potter’s wheel after my description. I did not realize the potter had recently returned from working in Japan and had shown me the Japanese style, where the potters wheel turns clockwise. So I taught myself on a wheel going the opposite side from the AmericanĀ  way.

Moving to California in 1973, I was working on developing my skills, and started to sell my pots at craft shows. In 1979 I saw an article on wall murals in Ceramics Monthly and was hooked on those. Soon after that, I was awarded a commission for a swimming pool mural in Germany.

While attendingĀ  Cal State Hayward, I also had an opportunity to sculpt marble at the Nicoli Studio in Italy. Then I accepted a mural commission on the Big Island of Hawaii.

In 1989 I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where I lived for 10 Years.

In 1995 I designed a pasta plate for the famous Hawaiian Chef Sam Choi, who lives on the Big Island.
That design is being produced by the Rosenthal Company of Germany.

In 2003 I moved to Eugene where I now maintain a Ceramic studio and Gallery.

Commissions are welcome.

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