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Inspirational Original Creations by Hanno Hagen

Hanno Hagen Eugene Oregon

Hanna was born Hannelore Steinmetz in EastPrussia, Germany, where she spent the first 3 years of her childhood.In 1945 the family managed to escape to West Germany and Hanna ended up in Luebeck on the Baltic Sea.  Attending an Engineering School, she met her husband. In 1963 the U of Minnesota was recruiting students from this school in particular and invited Hanna and her husband to come and work for them, which the both gladly agreed too. It proved to be an excellent decision for Hanna’s then husband. After3 years at the University he was hired by a company outside of Boston, while she had 2 children and no place to work.

It was about this time in her life that she took an interest in pottery This started a lifelong love affair with the ceramic arts, a passion that is evident in her work. From the very beginning pottery was an obsession, she worked endlessly at new self taught techniques that would eventually culminate into a style that was very much her own and not mimicked by other artist.  Instead of learning and developing a style of art in the footsteps of another she carved her own path and became a master in pottery and her works are unlike any others. Unique, primitive, ancient art forms, are words that could be used to describe Hanna’s art pieces.  The scope of her artwork has continued to evolve over time much of which encompasses the human form integrated into her works, these unique castings intertwined with her other elements of artwork create works that are unlike any others and have clearly established Hanna as a master artist in her own right.

We think you will agree as you browse through her gallery and view her various works of art. Hanna does contract to create specialty artworks  from personal body castings, in this process she would create actual castings from whomever you would specify and then transition those castings into a unique and intimate art piece that encapsulates the person in a way that no other art forms can. There are several examples of this art form presented in her storefront and gallery.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Hanna’s Designs and we look forward to doing business with you .



About the author

Hanno Hagen

Hanno Hagen is a very well known and respected artist, sculptor, potter,with her artworks on display in art galleries around the world. She has commissioned pieces for host of well know entities, corporations, organizations and individuals over more than half a century and that included small intricate pieces to massive wall murals and statues. Hanna's artistic talents and originaity have commanded a accolades and applause from her peers and critiques over the many years that she has dedicated herself to mastering her craft. She is known across continents and around the globe as one of the true master artist of her time. We welcome your thoughts and impressions of Hanno's art work as you browse through well. Feel free to register and post or you may email hanno@hannodesigns.com


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